Tsinghua x-lab @ Singapore 

Evergreen is the Partner  Of Tsinghua x-lab at Singapore

Singapore Evergreen International Management created a new platform to “discover and cultivate talents who bring innovative ideas and technologies to build start-ups into the Asia market”

How does the partnership with Tsinghua x-lab work 

Evergreen is the Partner Of Tsinghua x-lab at Singapore. We duplicate the success of Tsinghua x-lab training Model, Talents incubation models and adapt into the Singapore context, culture and local policies to support the entrepreneurship of the students between China and Singapore, potentially extending to ASEAN. It is a 2 way interaction cooperation of knowledge and content , success sharing, exchange, co-operation in partnership model. .

How does the incubator work

Evergreen will be setting up an international platform that allows various universities partners to share, introduce and report the various project, events organized for Singapore/ASEAN countries.

The platform will  also offer

  • Content
  • Support on how to register a company in Singapore
  • Policies for various incubator projects
  • Taxation
  • Local Business Culture and
  • Customs

Evergreen will provide professional  advice and guidance on the projects and products/Services so that it adapts  to local culture and those incubators interested in launching their solutions/products/services leveraging Evergreen as its launch pad.

Support from Evergreen and its investors will be evaluate the projects and its potential for preparation to pitch to Angel Fund managers, A Series, B Series and C Series of Investments.

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